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What Makes Us Different

When you buy from Reines, you’ll establish a relationship built on the pure, safe, and fresh chicken experience. We’re dedicated to giving you all the information you need about the products you purchase. We know how precious health is, both yours and the planet’s.. Throughout the entire process, we give back to the environment rather than take it away. We exclusively use vegetarian feed that includes herbal supplements instead of synthetic antibiotics and other medicines to promote growth. Our top priority is purity, as we are committed to promoting health.

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Where we start?

We aim for our birds to stay healthy, grow to their fullest potential, and avoid diseases. This results in better taste and texture, with reduced oxidation.

How does it help?

We begin with the basics of what your chicken consumes. Our state-of-the-art feed production units create OjasToAura herbal feed additives that include a 100% herbal liver tonic, immune boosters, vitamin supplements, antiviral herbal blend, and natural, antimicrobial growth promoters.

Raised without antibiotic chicken - Reines

Trained Farmers

Our farmers are given comprehensive training in all aspects of chicken care such as brooding, feeding, farm maintenance, and biosecurity. This ensures that we take the best care of our chickens and monitor their food intake until they are ready for consumption.

Designated Outlets

Our chickens leave the farm and are taken to our designated outlets. After that, they are delivered directly to our customers. Even at this stage, our chicks are fed OjasToAura mixes and feeds.

Your Choices

At our outlets, you can pick the chicken you want and ask for your desired cuts. Or you could ask our staff to guide you on the right product to choose, to match the dish you want to prepare.

Experience Our Store

We want to bring you the high quality chicken in the most hygienic environment. Our stores are managed by experienced staff who will help you pick the right chicken or cuts you need. Besides, there is no need to worry about picking a healthy bird. Our chickens grow in highly biosecure environments, and are fed an all-vegetarian, antibiotic-free diet.

We follow our system of transparency right up to the point of sale, which means you get to select and pick your chicken and choose your cuts. The chicken is packed with a tag that indicates the bird’s age in days, its breed, the feed it has consumed, and details of the poultry and farmer.  

We would also love for our customers to visit the farm to experience the processes we adopt. We’d love to show you what we do and how we watch over your food. 


Are you fed up of seeing the contaminated chopping board on which the chicken is being cut? Have you ever wished for the change of the same old container in which the chicken wastes are kept? Do you really worried about the possible number of bacteria present in the chicken processing area? Here is the solution. Come and experience our HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, and Halal-certified shops. Be delighted to understand the hygiene practices and modern methods we follow. We ensure the chicken slaughtering and handling methods nullify the possibility of bacterial contamination during the process. Our well-trained halal-certified slaughtering executives are happy to serve to your satisfaction.

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Reines Fresh Chicken
Our Process

Our Story

Reines, in the German language, means – ‘Pure, Unadulterated’. We at Reines take this very seriously & have built our business to Fresh up to this name 100%.

It is interesting to note that Reines means ‘Queens’ in French. Queens are royal and are famous for enjoying only the best of the best that the world has to offer.

We treat our customers like royalty. We strive to bring the best products for our customers by ensuring that Reines products are fit for royals!

In today’s world, food adulteration and contamination are affecting human beings with the emergence of various mild to serious health issues. These could be anything from mild discomfort to life-threatening diseases.

Most of the time the only alternative to toxin-free products are highly processed or are very expensive. We at Reines want to change this. 

We believe it is our responsibility to bring safe, alternate food solutions for everyone to ensure that we all eat only fresh, healthy & toxin-free food items. As our first step on this journey, we have introduced our Reines Fresh Chicken.

Our Meat Quality

Our chicken is tender, tasty, and healthy. The juicy chicken will entice your taste buds to a newer experience of wanting it more as we eat more. We use 100% vegetarian feed containing natural supplements developed by our own scientists for chickens raised without antibiotics.

 Our poultry never uses hormones, steroids, or other harmful chemicals. The eco-friendly atmosphere we create and the hygiene practices we follow in our bio-security farms protect our chickens by preventing the entry of pests and infectious bacteria.  

Thus, we ensure the chances of diseases and mortality are reduced to negligible levels. Added to this, the herbal supplements contained in our feed naturally enhance the immunity of the birds to provide us with tastier, tender, and healthier meat. What more to say, our birds are vigilant and happy as they are not overdosed with unwanted antibiotics, and hormones for their extensive growth.

Reines - Antibiotic free chicken

Antibiotic Resistance

Human beings develop Antibiotic resistance by handling and consuming chicken fed extensively with antibiotics through feeds, water, and medicines. Antibiotic resistance causes the infectious bacteria non-responsive to the antibiotics designed to kill them and worsen the health conditions of humans. 

Antibacterial resistance has become an issue of global concern as it creates a chaotic situation in the medical world. While several countries have banned the use of antibiotics as growth promoter and as prophylactic agents. Despite of all these, the increasing usage of antibiotics in poultry is alarming. Infections caused by antibiotic-resistant germs are difficult, and sometimes impossible to treat. In many cases, antibiotic-resistant infections require extended hospital stays, additional follow-up doctor visits, and costly and toxic alternatives.

When we try to reduce the intake of antibiotics even for treating diseases, why should we consume more of it by eating chicken containing antibiotics?

Raised without antibiotics

Bio Security Farms

As the name indicates it is the safety of living things and here it is our chicken. Biosecurity is the most effective defensive health plan and hygiene procedure which effectively controls the transmittance of pathogens and keep our farms disease free. We follow bio security practices for all our operational level activities.

  • Documented SOPs/Operation manuals
  • Suitable storage facility of feeds
  • Safe disposal of deceased birds
  • The minimum inter-flock interval is two weeks
  • Appropriate disease diagnosis and management
  • Regular culling of unhealthy and diseased birds
  • Proper decontamination and disinfection of houses and equipment between batches
Raised without antibiotic chicken - Reines

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