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The broiler chickens we see today are the result of many cross-breedings which could convert the feed they take into their body weight very quickly which is called Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) in poultry industry.

Option (1) In order to retardate the mortality rate, chickens are fed with antibiotics for treatment and as preventive for many diseases. The antibiotics are also used as growth promoters in poultry. These antibiotics will reach human body through the meat consumption which can cause serious health implications and hence creates the concerns. (Option 2) The chicken grown in limited space in farms are easily susceptible for any diseases. This may cause higher rate of mortality and thereby can bring massive losses for the farmers. Antibiotics are being fed to the chickens as preventives as well as for treating diseases and also are used as growth promoters in poultry industry. These antibiotics when reach human body through consumption and handling, will arise serious health issues and creates concerns of consuming the chicken meat.

Antibiotics are prescribed for different ailments starting from normal fever to serious health issues. When we consume or handle broiler chicken fed with antibiotics, our body may acquire resistance to antibiotics which in turn affect the efficacy of medicines and may lead either to using them in higher dosages or giving no results even at higher dosages. Thus, it develops and spreads Antibiotic Resistance (AR) which garners a greater attention from medical world and regulatory authorities globally by creating a lot of concerns and anxiety about the human health.

The overuse of antibiotic in poultry for treatment, prevention and growth promotion may become the reason for the high occurrence of antibiotic resistance bacteria which retardates the efficacy of antimicrobial treatments. When these bacteria reach human body, it may cause (a) Fatigue and other difficulties (b) Longer and costlier treatments (c) Side effects due to overdose of antibiotics

Reines is the solution. We grow our chicken in our biosecurity farms following the internationally accepted norms. Bio Security is an integral part of our farm operations which follows strict hygiene practices to prevent the exposure of birds to disease causing organisms. At Reines, we raise 1. Chicken Raised Without Antibiotic We use 100% Vegetarian Feed and Ayurvedic Supplements developed by our own experts for our chicken Raised Without Antibiotics. Our own feed and natural supplement solutions boost the immune system and help them grow naturally. No antibiotics will be used in any stage of their raising for treatment, prevention or growth promotion. 2. Antibiotic Residue Free Chicken For this we ensure no antibiotics are used for preventing diseases or to promote growth. Antibiotics which are not critical to human health shall be used only to treat diseases at inevitable circumstances.

Our forefathers always understood the benefits of Ayurveda and advocated the necessity of following the Ayurveda practices for a healthy and better life. Reines is looking back at the possibilities of that ancient wisdom and to contribute to the modern lifestyle. Every ingredient we use are practically tested and proven for the efficacy. When we feed this, we are ensuring not only the health but also to enhance the immunity naturally. The meat of the chicken brought up in this way will be tastier and softer.

Many countries have banned the use of antibiotics as growth promoters and some countries need veterinary prescription for antibiotic usage in poultry.

1. Bio Security farms with HACCP certification complying international quality standards. 2. HACCP, ISO 9001:2015, Halal Certified outlets 3. All vegetarian feed which are developed and produced under our experts’ supervision. 4. Supplements which contain only ayurvedic ingredients. 5. Our group of expert scientists who can analyze and suggest the remedies for the issues related to poultry at each stage of the raising. They have in depth scientific knowledge and a quest for research and innovation which make the path of our vision easy.

1. We can forget all the concerns related to the use of antibiotics and hormones in poultry for growth promotion. 2. Bio Security farms which ensure hygienic environment for chicken 3. Our certifications for quality and hygiene practices 4. New and innovative technologies implemented for processing the chicken meat in our own outlets and processing centres. 5. All vegetarian feed developed by us 6. Ayurveda supplements 7. Tastier and softer meat

Reines Antibiotics Free Chicken
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