Herbal, Natural, Vegetarian Feed for Chickens

Herbal, Natural, Vegetarian Feed for Chickens

Not so long ago, we did not have to feed our chickens or livestock any ‘pure’ feed. They just ate off the land and they were in complete control of what they ate as free animals on the farm.

Since the advent of commercial livestock farms, there has been a marathon run towards designing the perfect ‘pure’, healthy feed for the animals and birds. There has been a lot said about chemicals, hormones, antibiotics being added to the feed in order to fortify the birds. Soon enough the ill-effects of all these harmful chemicals began to show not only in the quality of the chickens, but they also showed up as severe allergic reactions in human consumers too. These occurrences raised an alarm worldwide and since then there is a deliberate attempt at staying away from harmful chemicals, especially growth-enhancing hormones, antibiotics, etc.

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) have also caught the attention of food scientists and researchers. The dangerous side effects of these GMO additions to chicken feed have raised eyebrows and created awareness about not using GMOs in the feed.

Some countries have regulations in place against the use of GMOs, growth-enhancing hormones, and antibiotics. They are the pioneers in research and awareness one can say. Another fact to their credit is that they are quick to action, which ensures the safety and health of their citizens and consumers of the products from these countries.

At Reines, right from the very start, we have decided to not have any GMOs, any growth-enhancing hormones, any antibiotics added to the chicken feed at all. We feed our chickens only natural, herbal, vegetarian feed that has been enhanced by natural additions which have roots in ancient Ayurveda. This robust feed ensures the good health and growth of our chickens. This feed also ensures that the Reines chickens are immune to any harmful bugs and pathogens.

It is our endeavor at Reines to be on top of all international safety, health standards for the wellness of our chickens. This is a commitment that we as a company make to our dear customers, whose health and nutrition intake is our priority.

Chicken has become very popular all over the world as part of a Balanced Diet.
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