Our chicken is tender, tastier and healthier. The juicy chicken will entice your taste buds to a newer experience of wanting it more as we eat more. We use 100% vegetarian feed containing natural supplements developed by our own scientists for chicken raised without antibiotics. In our farms we never use any added hormones, steroids or other harmful chemicals. The eco-friendly atmosphere we create and the hygiene practices we follow in our bio security farms protect our chicken by preventing the entry of pests and infectious bacteria.  Thus, we ensure the chances of diseases and mortality are reduced to negligible levels. Added to this, the herbal supplements contain in our feed naturally enhance the immunity of the birds to provide us tastier, tender and healthier meat. What more to say, our birds are vigilant and happy as they are not overdosed with unwanted antibiotics and hormones for their extensive growth.

Reines - Antibiotic free chicken
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