Antibiotic-Free Poultry Meat

Reasons to Choose Reines Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics Ever.

Chicken rules the taste of many non-veg foodies the world over! Why is it so? The main reasons will be that chicken is readily available and packs a whole lot of protein which is essential to help us build muscle and maintain a healthy weight. Chicken also offers us several vitamins and minerals including Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, and B vitamins. Chicken appeals to many tastes, making it a family favorite, especially with the kids! Chicken can be prepared in healthier ways – It can be baked, roasted, or grilled. Get chicken raised without antibiotics online at and do it your way! 

Why should you eat Chicken raised without antibiotics?

Chicken raised without antibiotics means the poultry birds are raised outdoors in a completely natural environment in farms. The birds will be raised without antibiotics as these medicines harm the human immune system if ingested while eating chicken. 

At Reines, chickens are grown in our biosecurity farms strictly adhering to internationally accepted norms. There are no pesticides or chemicals used in the chicken feed, and no antibiotics are used during any stage of chicken growth as well. 

Reines Chickens

Reines biosecurity farm team uses 100% vegetarian feed and Ayurvedic Supplements developed by our own experts for growing our chicken raised without Antibiotics. Our own feed and natural supplement solutions support the immune system and help them grow naturally. No antibiotics are used in any stage of their growth for treatment or prevention of diseases or growth promotion. 

At the Reines farm, we ensure no antibiotics are used for preventing diseases or to promote growth. Our team of expert scientists analyzes and suggests Ayurvedic remedies for the diseases. 

In our farm operations, biosecurity is a top priority! We follow strict hygiene practices to prevent the exposure of birds to disease-causing organisms. 

If chicken is on the menu, order chicken raised without antibiotics online with for a good, wholesome, nutritious meal!

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Importance of Reines Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics Ever
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