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What is a Biosecurity Farm?

Biosecurity means doing everything you can to reduce the chances of an infectious disease being carried onto your farm by people, animals, equipment, or vehicles. It also means doing everything you can to reduce the chance of disease leaving your farm.

Why is Biosecurity Farms a necessity?

From a business side, biosecurity farms help by reducing risks to the business by limiting the likelihood of introducing and spreading animal diseases, pests and weeds. Biosecurity measures can be very simple and can become part of a regular routine. Most measures are low-cost and go a long way to securing the farm and the company’s future.
From the perspective of a buyer of meat, a biosecurity farm ensures that good quality, safety, and maintenance practices are in place and any food item coming out from such a farm will be of superior quality.

Some of the most common biosecurity measures taken on a livestock farm are as follows:

  1. Clean up before visiting the farm.
  2. Avoid unnecessary exposure to germs.
  3. Take extra precautions around vulnerable animals.
  4. Wash your hands at regular intervals.
  5. Leave germs behind when you leave the farm.

How Biosecurity is practiced at Reines Farms:

At Reines farms, we understand that biosecurity is necessary for every living being, and for us, it is our chickens. Biosecurity is the most effective defensive health plan and hygienic procedure which effectively controls the transmission of pathogens. This keeps our farms disease-free. At Reines farms, we follow biosecurity practices for all operational level activities. Some of the main steps undertaken by us are:

  • Documented SOPs/Operation manuals
  • Suitable storage facility of feeds
  • Safe disposal of deceased birds
  • The minimum inter-flock interval of two weeks
  • Appropriate disease diagnosis & management
  • Regular culling of unhealthy and diseased birds
  • Proper decontamination & disinfection of houses and equipment in between batches.

At Reines biosecurity farms we take our work very seriously and do it very diligently. Every process, every SOP (standard operating practice) is earmarked to perfection and in tune with international standards.

Having, insisting on and maintaining biosecurity farms is our way of ensuring that the chickens Fresh a healthy life here and grow in a safe, hygienic, healthy environment. All the efforts we take in ensuring the wellness of the chickens reflect in the quality of the meat that our customers get to buy, cook and relish.

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