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Fresh Chicken Protects Our Body by giving it Health and Immunity

Feeling rather low? Need to boost your immunity? You can do it! A balanced diet of food with vitamins and minerals along with healthy lifestyle factors like adequate sleep and exercise and low stress is the secret to fighting infection and disease. A diet rich in plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and foods like chicken soup, and tea with honey is good to up your immunity. Check out 

As a good source of high-quality, complete protein, fresh chicken is important for growth and development. It builds muscle, strengthens bones, and supports weight loss as well. Poultry raised without antibiotics also provides other nutrients your body needs, like: 

❖ Iodine to help your body produce thyroid hormone

❖ Iron carries oxygen around your body

❖ Zinc to keep your immune system strong, your skin healthy, and for growth, development, and reproductive health

❖ Vitamin B12 for your nervous system

❖ Omega 3 to support heart and brain health. 

A warm bowl of chicken soup made by adding vegetables also is a popular go-to food when we’re feeling under the weather. 


Health Benefits of chicken

Stronger Bones and Muscles
The lean protein in chicken is an excellent source of amino acids which are used to build muscle tissue. A higher protein intake helps to maintain bone mineral density and hence leads to stronger muscles and promotes healthier bones, decreasing the risk of injuries, diseases like Osteoporosis. 

Weight Management and Heart Health
As per research studies, 25-30 grams of protein per meal can help us feel fuller and help to promote better weight management. High triglyceride levels and high blood pressure can be reduced with weight management reducing the risk of heart disease. 

Better Mood
Chicken contains the amino acid Tryptophan, which is connected to higher levels of Serotonin (the “feel good” hormone) in our brains. 

So, it’s a good idea to eat fresh chicken every week but, it’s best to stick with unprocessed, lean cuts and to eat the recommended serving size, to avoid intaking too much salt & saturated fat.  Happy eating!

Know the Popular Chicken Cuts With High Nutrients.
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