Antibiotic-Free Poultry Meat

Coccidiosis control and the production of Raised Without Antibiotic Poultry Meat

Healthy poultry birds mean healthy eggs and meat on the platter! Reines is your best source of healthy eggs and poultry meat! We focus on Coccidiosis control and the production of raised without antibiotic poultry meat.

Farmers all over the world face severe challenges when it comes to poultry farming! Parasitic diseases like Coccidiosis are affecting poultry production adversely. Coccidiosis is a disease that affects the gut health of poultry distributed worldwide, game birds reared in captivity, and even wild birds. The disease spreads easily in young birds rather than older birds. 

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Severe diarrhea, decreased growth rate, a high percentage of visibly sick birds, and high mortality are the major signs of Coccidiosis. At first feed and water, consumption is depressed leading to weight loss, decreased egg production, and increased mortality. Poultry birds that survive severe infections recover in 10–14 days but may never recover their lost performance. 

Management of Coccidiosis

To prevent coccidial infection poultry are maintained at all times on wire floors to separate birds from droppings. Vaccination or prevention with anticoccidial drugs is the other method of control. At times antibiotics are prescribed by veterinarians to treat sick poultry. But increased use of antibiotics for treatment, prevention, and growth promotion will only produce poultry having antibiotic resistance. This retards the efficacy of antimicrobial treatments which presents a dreadful risk!

When these bacteria reach the human body, they may cause

❖ Fatigue and other difficulties

❖ Longer and costlier treatments

❖ Side effects due to overdose of antibiotics 

At Reines, we focus on antibiotic-free poultry meat production! Check out how? 

Reines Antibiotic-Free Chicken

Our poultry birds are grown in biosecurity farms adhering to internationally accepted standards and maintaining strict hygiene practices. This curbs the exposure of birds to disease-causing organisms. 

We utilize 100% vegetarian feed and Ayurvedic supplements developed by our experts to produce antibiotic-free poultry meat. They boost the immune system and help poultry birds to grow naturally. No antibiotics are used in any stage of their life cycle for treatment, disease prevention, or growth promotion. 

Get in touch with us at Reines to know more. Visit our website and order one that is convenient for you.



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