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5 Unique Facilities at Reines Chicken That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever wondered how your favorite cuts of meat are prepared before they make it to your plate? Generally, we visualize the process involving traditional wooden boards or alternative surfaces. However, at Reines, we believe in delivering nothing but the best. That’s why we have implemented a cutting-edge cutting machine that revolutionizes the way we handle meat.

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Reines’ Cutting Machine The Game Changer

At Reines, we recognized the need for a more efficient and hygienic method of cutting chicken. Our cutting machine is the solution to these challenges. It enables us to achieve precise cuts and maintain the integrity of each portion without the risk of contamination. The cutting machine uses advanced technology to swiftly slice through the meat, resulting in clean and visually appealing cuts every time.

The Pitfall of Traditional Chopping

When it comes to chopping meat, most people resort to using wooden boards or other common surfaces. Unfortunately, this conventional method has its drawbacks. As the meat is chopped, it tends to stick to the board, making it difficult to cleanly separate the portions. Not only does this compromise the visual appeal of the meat, but it also creates an environment for the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Unlocking the Nutritional Power of Herbal Feeds

We are excited to share that we offer a range of 10 specialized products designed to promote the growth and well-being of our livestock. With these products, we prioritize providing our chickens with a healthier diet, resulting in the production of high-quality, toxin-free meat.

At Reines Company, our vision is to create a future where everyone has access to nutritious and safe food while prioritizing the health of our animals and the environment. By embracing natural remedies and sustainable farming practices, we strive to establish a new benchmark for ethical and responsible food production

Hygiene First

Ensuring the safety and hygiene of our chickens is our top priority. With our cutting machine, we take every precaution to minimize the growth of harmful microorganisms. We have stringent monitoring processes in place to ensure that the machine is properly maintained and sanitized at regular intervals. By following proper procedures and maintaining a clean environment, we guarantee that our customers receive the highest quality meat.

Reines Curry Cut Chicken

Reines’ State-of-the-Art Facilities

Facilities at Reines Chicken, we understand the importance of maintaining the freshness and quality of our meat from the moment it is prepared until it reaches your local supermarket. That’s why we have invested in a dedicated chiller unit. After the meat is cut using our cutting machine, it is immediately chilled in the unit to preserve its freshness. Once appropriately chilled, we carefully pack the meat to maintain its quality, and then it’s ready to be sent to your favorite supermarket.

A Cut Above the Rest

By utilizing our cutting machine and implementing strict hygiene protocols, Reines stands out in the industry as a symbol of quality and reliability. We are committed to delivering the finest cuts of meat that are not only visually appealing but also safe for consumption. Our dedication to innovation and maintaining the highest standards is what sets us apart from the competition.


Next time you savor a perfectly cut piece of meat, remember that there is more to it than meets the eye. Reines’ cutting machine, combined with our meticulous hygiene practices and state-of-the-art facilities, ensures that you receive the best chicken possible. Say goodbye to the risks associated with traditional chopping methods, and embrace the excellence that comes with precision, cleanliness, and quality.

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