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Things You Should Know About Chicken Farming Without Using Antibiotic

Are you sure that the eggs and chicken meat in your diet are antibiotic-free? For that, you should buy Fresh chickens from the Reines Safe Chicken, the best thing after ‘Nadan Kozhi’.

For the best eggs & meat, the chickens should be kept healthy and antibiotic-free. As poultry birds can have numerous health problems throughout their life raising them without antibiotics can be quite challenging but not impossible. At Reines, we are making it possible! 

Here’s an insight on things you should know about chicken farming without using antibiotics which are being implemented at Reines Poultry Farms. Just read on… 

Bio-security farms

Starting right from what the chicken eats to maintaining the coops and disease control, the biosecurity farms at Reines are fully-equipped for antibiotic-free farming. These biosecurity farms have HACCP certification and are complying with international quality standards. Biosecurity farms ensure that the correct amount of space is available for the chicken to run and coop as well as a clean & hygienic environment for the sustainable growth of the poultry birds. Regular maintenance on the coop is done to ensure the health of the birds. 

Reines live-chicken

Trained Farmers

Reines poultry farmers are given expert training in every area like brooding, feeding, farm maintenance & biosecurity so that they care for the chickens in the best way possible. This ensures that chickens and the food they consume are constantly monitored for quality. 

Herbal feed additives

To keep our birds healthy and reach their maximum growth without being affected by disease outbreaks, instead of using antibiotics, vegetarian feed & herbal feed additives are used. This improves the palatability and health of the bird and enhances its luscious taste. A team of expert scientists with in-depth scientific knowledge and a quest for research and innovation at Reines analyze and suggest the remedies for the issues related to poultry at each stage of its growth. 

At Reines, ultra-modern feed production units develop OjasToAura herbal feed which consists of 100% herbal liver tonic, immune boosters, vitamin supplements, antiviral herbal blend, and natural, antimicrobial growth promoters. 

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