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How Reines is Excelling in Chicken Production?

Raising healthy poultry birds means a lot for us at Reines! Just check out how Reines is excelling in chicken production. As the best source of healthy eggs and poultry meat in Kerala, Reines Poultry farm leaves no stone unturned in its journey of excellence. And it’s not an easy feat! 

Biosecurity farms

At Reines, chickens are reared in a stress-free environment on biosecurity farms. The eco-friendly atmosphere and the best hygiene practices on our farms protect our chickens by preventing the entry of pests and infectious bacteria. We keep the water sources clean, and fresh, and change the water daily. We also provide a safe coop with adequate lighting. The birds are prevented from cross contamination through conceptual, structural, and operational biosecurity. Our farms are located in isolated areas. We ensure separate storage units for feed and equipment. Disposal of dead birds and litter is properly handled across our farms. We also maintain specific procedures for entry and exit to and from the farms. Strict controls are in place to prevent contact between exotic and backyard poultry. All these measures ensure that the chances of diseases and mortality are reduced to negligible levels. In this way, Reines produces the best fresh chicken online

Chicken Farm

Good poultry birds

Reines has invested heavily in getting good breed poultry birds that produce healthier meat and eggs. 

Herbal supplements protect the flock against disease

Reines professionals control insect and parasite infestations with the help of herbal supplements given in the poultry diet. The herbal supplements contained in our feed naturally enhance the immunity of the birds to provide us with tastier, tender, and healthier meat. 

No overdose of antibiotics

The chickens have not overdosed on unwanted antibiotics and hormones for their growth. Reines focuses on disease control and the production of chicken raised without antibiotics. 

Invest in quality feed

We maintain a good food source for the poultry birds raised on our farms. We enrich the diet of the birds with good quality food grains to help produce strong eggs. In addition to this, the herbal supplements in our feed naturally give immunity to our poultry birds. 

From hygiene and hydration to healthy diets, Reines does an excellent job when caring for our birds. We’ve got the right expertise you need to raise happy, healthy poultry birds. Buy fresh chicken online from, and get the healthiest chicken meat and eggs you can ever have! Get in touch with us to know more.




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