Reines Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics Ever

Importance of Reines Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics Ever

Are you sure you are eating chicken of the right quality? Be double sure when you are sourcing it from! Reines chicken raised without antibiotics ever is the best protein food you can include in your diet! You can buy chicken raised without antibiotics online from Reines. 

Check out the importance of Reines chicken raised without antibiotics ever. Just read on… 

Research studies have instigated that the overuse of antibiotics in poultry for treatment, prevention, and growth promotion may have drastic results! It may become the reason for the high occurrence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria which retards the effectiveness of antimicrobial treatments. When these bacteria reach the human body, they may cause:

❖ Fatigue and other difficulties

❖ Longer and costlier treatments

❖ Side effects due to overdose of antibiotics 

Is it possible to grow chickens without feeding them antibiotics at any stage of their life cycle?

The answer is yes! The biosecurity farms of Reines ensure to grow poultry following internationally accepted norms. Biosecurity, which forms an integral part of Reines farm operations, means strict hygiene practices are followed to prevent the exposure of birds to disease-causing organisms. 

Reines Chicken Raised Without Antibiotics Ever

At Reines we ensure:

❖ Chicken is raised without antibiotics

100% Vegetarian Feed and Ayurvedic Supplements developed by our Reines experts are used for our chicken raised without antibiotics. The poultry is fed our own feed and natural supplement solutions that boost their immune systems and help them grow naturally. No antibiotics are ever used in any stage of their raising for treatment, prevention, or growth promotion. 

❖ Antibiotic residue-free Chicken 

We ensure no antibiotics are used for preventing diseases or to promote growth. This results in antibiotic residue-free chicken. Ayurvedic medicines which are not critical to human health shall be used to treat diseases in inevitable circumstances. 

Ayurvedic supplements replace antibiotics

Since ancient times, Ayurvedic medicine and practices have been used in India for a healthy and better life. At Reines, we have understood the benefits of Ayurveda and started following Ayurveda practices in raising chickens. We ensure that each supplement is practically tested and proven for its efficacy. Buy fresh chicken online from Reines. 

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